SIMS Measurement - Time Request Procedure

Our facility provides the operation of NanoSIMS 50L for research.

Interested users should contact ( to arrange a consultation meeting before submitting their application for time. Due to the delicate nature of the instrument, all experiments will be conducted by certified personnel trained for the operation. A web interface and an online request form will be sent via email to prepare for a consultation meeting.

Before the consultation meeting, please prepare the following written information:

Please beware that by requesting to book time and conduct experiments with the facility, the users agree to the following:


Please prepare samples according to the instructions received from the consultation meeting, and deliver the samples at least one week before the scheduled time. Each project should designate a contact person. The requested time will be canceled unless the samples meet the requirements or no response is received from the team contact.

Cost Base by Day

Analysis mode

We can operate NanoSIMS 50L to acquire data, including images, spot analysis, and depth profiles. Our machine contains seven detectors that can target seven specific elements/isotopes. Each can be switched manually to an electron multiplier or faraday cup.

Sample storage

Sample(s) should not contain hazardous material, including enriched radioactivity and infectious and corrosive substances. The samples should be accompanied by information including elemental composition, preparation procedure, and/or maps indicating your target(s) before you send your samples. An email will be sent to confirm receipt of samples.

The samples will be stored in the humidity-control box. The samples will be returned should they fail to meet the requirements. The users will be informed to retrieve their samples. We will discard samples one year after our last Email contact without users' permission.

Data storage and use

Analysis results generated by the NanoSIMS laboratory will only be shared with the team contacts. Users should commit to data security by themselves.

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