NanoSIMS 133 User Meeting - Agenda
Date: Aug 29, 2023
Place: 2F lecture hall, Institute of Earth Science

NanoSIMS 133 User Meeting - 1st announcement
Date: Aug 29, 2023
Place: 2F lecture hall, Institute of Earth Science
The NanoSIMS User Meeting is a local gathering of researchers in fields of astronomy, geoscience, biology and material science who are actively involved in NanoSIMS analysis. This meeting serves as a platform for sharing the latest research findings, discussing recent advancements, and fostering collaboration among the science community in Taiwan.
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To make our service sustainable, we will start to charge users since May 2023. For more details please check our Time Request Procedure

Since the COVID-19 alert has risen to level 3 in Taipei city, unregistered visit to NanoSIMS laboratory is not welcome. Please contact with us by phone or Email before you come to NanoSIMS laboratory.
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2018.06.11 Dr. Jen Chieh Shiao publishs new research
Our collaborator Dr. Jen-Chieh Shiao from Institue of Oceanography, National Taiwan University used NanoSIMS to analyze the nitrogen isotopic composition on otolith of tilapia which was cultivated with 15N-enriched algae. The results indicate the nitrogen isotopic signature of food could be recorded into otolith in the same day.

2017.12.01 Talk in IES: oxygen isotopes in the early Solar System
Postdoc in UC berkley. Christine's talk

We will be holding a one-day workshop at Institute of Earth Science on 17 August 2016. The aim of the workshop is to discuss some of the on-going and proposed NanoSIMS studies with our collaborators. There will be a Q&A session about sample preparation for future NanoSIMS users as well.

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We will be hosting a 5-day training course for new NanoSIMS users from 16-20 November 2015. From SIMS theories to sample preparation, our postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Zan Peeters will discuss a whole range of topics, related to the NanoSIMS operation.

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding "A Workshop for Friends of NanoSIMS" on 28 April 2015. There will be an invited talk by the developer of the NanoSIMS, F. Hillion, as well as presentations, regarding the instrument's applications for various sciences.
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Project Description

The NanoSIMS Laboratory was established by a cooperative effort between Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics and Institute of Earth Science of Academia Sinica. The laboratory is primarily designed to probe the early Solar System by analysing extraterrestrial and terrestrial samples with CAMECA's NanoSIMS 50L. Located in Interdisciplinary Research Building for Science and Technology, Academia Sinica, it is the first NanoSIMS in Taiwan and was installed as the 33rd NanoSIMS in the world in November 2013. The laboratory is involved in numerous interdisciplinary collaborations with both domestic and international research groups. Current research activities cover cosmo, geo, life and material sciences.

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